Also, if you already read Order of the Stick, could you guys rally with me?  I sent Mr. Burlew a few tweets about transforming V into actual positive representation of a real genderless character, and I was hoping I could get some more people to contact him with me so that my message has a bit more gravity.  I’m sure he doesn’t get to read all of the tweets directed at him.  I would just love a panel in which V says “no I don’t have a gender what is the big deal” and everyone shuts up about it forever.  Or something.  It’s up to his creative mind, of course.

Anyways!  What do you say?

How about making a post on the forum? It might have a better chance of being seen there, at least if it gets enough attention from the other posters. I can make a thread if you’d rather not yourself, if I can quote this post :>

If someone DOES make a thread on this topic, please send me a link! I can just about remember my login details for the forum, and I’d like to help!

And here is the link.

askkakuro:  Hey, friend. I wanted to ask your opinion on something regarding Haley. While I can understand the frustration of Haley's major character development arc, involving her inability to speak, it seems like so many fans are focusing solely on that and ignoring all of the other achievements she's made over the comic. Wanted to know what you're thoughts om that


I haven’t actually seen any evidence that a lot of people are focusing solely on Haley’s first major development, but I’ll take your word for it! Just keep that in mind when you read my answer.

I say “Haley’s first major development” because the arc culminating in her getting together with Elan isn’t the only major character development arc she’s had. The second is what happens with her during Don’t Split the Party, where she suddenly has to act as a leader for both a group of Azurites as well as Belkar (and Celia to some extent). I’d argue that this second arc is the most important one, for two main reasons.

Firstly, Elan. I think pretty much everyone in the fandom agrees that it’s awesome that they got together, especially because their relationship is healthy, realistic, and void of unnecessary drama, and it doesn’t get in the way of the rest of the story. However, it’s very very important that Haley gets this second development arc that doesn’t involve Elan directly, because it means she avoids falling into the pitfall of “female character whose main motivation is her love interest”. Of course, her first developmental arc was, in essence, more about her learning how to deal with her feelings in general, but it was still her romantic motivations that prompted this growth. So she needed a non-romantic arc, which she got. Very important!

Secondly, if her first developmental arc can be described as her growing up from being a child to being an adult (=taking responsibility for herself and her own emotions), her second arc is her going from functioning as an individual to functioning as a member of a group (=taking responsibility for others and putting their needs above her own). She doesn’t necessarily grow into a leader - she has to function as one for a while in order to get her development, but even if she’s able to take on the role, it doesn’t fit her comfortably. And that’s fine too. The important part is that she becomes better at teamwork, which you can tell from her behavior in Blood Runs in the Family (arc five). Why is this more important than her first developmental arc? Because it’s generally expected that people will eventually go from being children to being adults (emotionally), but the growth she gets her is something that’s harder to achieve and less of a given that a person will go through. (At least if they do, it’ll usually come later in life. In any case, it’s the “next level” of sorts).

So, to sum up, if people are only focusing on the first arc (and the faults in it, at that), that’s a real shame, because Haley after her first character development is not the same Haley as now. 

Sorry this took me a while to answer!

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Loose portrait of Hinjo from Order of the Stick. Click for smoother image.


Loose portrait of Hinjo from Order of the Stick. Click for smoother image.

All posts previously tagged “arc five” is now tagged with the proper title of the arc, which is “Blood Runs in the Family”. The tag list has also been updated with a few more characters, which are also now listed in alphabetical order (except for the main six, which are still listed in the usual order of main-character-ness)

Anonymous:  thanks for running this blog! the updates about new oots comics are super important to me. i hope you have a fantastic day!

You’re welcome, anon, and thank you for writing! We sometimes miss an update, and for that we’re sorry, but knowing that someone out there appreciates the blog is a great motivation to keep it running (: